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You Don’t Wanna Miss These 2018 Upcoming Hollywood Movies

2017 didn’t exactly live up to the expectations of many movie fans around the world. Given that some of the great movies like Logan, Guardians of The Galaxy, IT, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and several other movies hit the theaters, Hollywood still witnessed its slowest summer box office season in more than a decade. However, the movies scheduled to come out in 2018 are definitely something to look forward to. From the highly anticipated superhero showdowns like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War to horror offerings like Slenderman, The Nun and family-friendly affairs like Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, 2018 has something for everyone. So check out the list of the upcoming 2018 Hollywood movies and mark your calendars. 

Maze Runner: The Death Cure – January 26

The Maze Runner saga is going to be concluded with its third entry all set to hit theaters on January 26th.


The first movie was released back in 2014 and became an instant hit, however, the same can’t be said about the sequel, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials as it received mixed reactions by both the fans and critics. But as they say, third time’s a charm and it looks like Maze Runner: The Death Cure will end the trilogy on a high note. Maze Runner: The Death Cure is directed by the franchise regular Wes Ball and will see the return of Ki Hong Lee (Minho), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt), Kaya Scodelario (Teresa) and Dylan O’Brien as Thomas. O’Brien was badly injured while filming this action-packed thriller but he made a full recovery just in time before the studio decided to postpone the release. Will Maze Runner: The Death Cure be 2018’s first blockbuster? We’ll find out on January 26.

Black Panther – February 16


2018 is going to empty the wallets of almost every Superhero movie fan. Marvel is all set to begin 2018 with its highly-anticipated Black Panther. The movie is directed by the talented Ryan Coogler (Creed) and will feature Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa/Black Panther), Michael B. Jordan (Erik Killmonger), Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia), Angela Bassett (Ramonda), Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaw) and Martin Freeman (Everett K. Ross). T’Challa, who is now the King of Wakanda as the result of the events that took place in Captain America: Civil Warhas to protect the sovereignty of his kingdom from deadly enemies both foreign and domestic. Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan is a Wakandan exile who is hell-bent on taking his revenge from the King. He forms an alliance with Ulysses Klaw and together the duo tries everything in their powers to destroy Wakanda.

Red Sparrow – March 2


Many believe that its the closest thing to Marvel’s Black Widow origin story as the two characters share a lot of similarities. In this action-packed thriller directed by Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Dominika Egorova, a prima ballerina who ends up joining a secret intelligence service called the Sparrow School, which specializes in turning extraordinary young men and women into ruthless killers. Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence) completes the grueling training routine with flying colors and becomes the most dangerous sparrow in the organization’s history. She later comes across an American CIA agent (Joel Edgerton) and the thrilling events that follow after that meeting, test her in ways beyond her imagination. The movie also features, Charlotte Rampling, Matthias Schoenaerts, Mary-Louise Parker and Jeremy Irons.

Tomb Raider – March 16


Making a video game based movie just right is no small feat. There have been other Lara Croft movies before starring Angelina Jolie but this one is said to reboot the franchise and the director Roar Uthaug (The Wave, Escape) promises that his version will live up to the expectations of Tomb Raider fans. Tomb Raider is set to feature Oscar winner Alicia Vikander in the titular role and she’ll be joined by Walton Goggins (Mathias Vogel), Dominic West (Lord Richard Croft) and Daniel Wu (Lu Ren). Judging by the Tomb Raider official plotline, the movie looks promising and could be the first blockbuster movie based on a very popular game. 

Pacific Rim: Uprising – March 23


Pacific Rim: Uprising will be the continuation of the 2013 action/adventure movie but it’s going feature a lot of new faces including a new director. The first movie was directed by the visionary Guillermo Del Toro who turned down the job this time in order to focus on the recently released The Shape of WaterPacific Rim: Uprising is being directed by the talented Steven S. DeKnight who is responsible for bringing us the acclaimed TV show SpartacusThe sequel will follow Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) who is the son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) and now following in the footsteps of his father. He too wants to save the planet from a Kaiju apocalypse and he’ll be joined by the returning Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), Dr. Newton (Charlie Day) and Gottlieb (Burn Gorman). Other new faces include Scott Eastwood and Jing Tian.  

Rampage – April 20


Dwayne Johnson, who was the 2nd highest grossing actor of 2017 will kick off his 2018 with Rampage. This action adventure movie is based on a beloved 1980s video game. Johnson is all set to feature as a primatologist who has a unique but close bond with a silverback gorilla named George. After a questionable genetic experiment turns George into a gigantic monster, Johnson must save his “friend” and battle other genetically altered predators ragging across the continent, in order to save the day. This looks and sounds a lot like San Andreas, a movie he made back in 2015 but with monsters. Rampage even has the same director, Brad Peyton and will also feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman and Matt Gerald.

Avengers: Infinity War – May 4


Undoubtedly the most anticipated movie of 2018 is Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. The third Avengers movie is said to kick off the “End of current MCU as we know it”Avengers: Infinity War will feature the baddest dude in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos (Josh Brolin) who is hell-bent on gathering all the infinity stones for universal domination and only the Avengers are powerful enough to stop him. Thanos’ arrival was first teased in the post-credit scenes of the first Avenger movie that hit theaters back in 2012 and judging by the post-credit scenes of Thor: Ragnarok, it looks like The Mighty Thor and Loki will become The Mad Titans’ first opponents/victimsAvengers: Infinity War is being directed by the talented Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America: Civil War) and the duo is already busy filming as of yet untitled Avengers 4So mark your calendars as this one is definitely going to set some crazy records. 

Deadpool 2 – May 18


Ryan Reynold’s highly anticipated Deadpool 2 was originally slated to hit theaters on June 1st but its now going to arrive almost 2 weeks earlier on May 18. This time, the mutant merc with a mouth will be joined by Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz), two super assassins like himself with different powers and fans can’t wait to see how much havoc the trio is going to wreak. The production of Deadpool 2 came to a screeching halt when a stuntwoman died on the set but thanks to the tireless work of the production staff and cast, Deadpool 2 is ready to dominate the summer season. Director David Leitch (John Wick) is directing this one instead of Tim Miller who helmed the first Deadpool movie which went on to make a staggering $783 million on a modest budget of $58 million. Thanks to its bumped up release date, Deadpool is going to face some pretty stiff competition in the form of Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story. But it looks like Fox is confident enough to give this R-rated action comedy the spotlight it so richly deserves. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story – May 25


After months of delays, director shuffles and reshootsSolo: A Star Wars Story is set to grace the theaters on May 25. After Disney fired directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord over creative differences, the legendary Ron Howard took the helm and according to the cast members, he did a “remarkable” job. Thanks to him, the movie is finally in the can and as the name suggests, this Star Wars spin-off movie will look into the life and events of a young Han Solo and how he achieved greatness. Even though fans are more anxious about Obi-wan Kenobi spin-off movie which may come out in 2020 but they won’t mind watching a young Han Solo for now. Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to feature Alden Ehrenreich in the titular role and he’ll be supported by Emilia Clark, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 

Ocean’s 8 – June 8


If you loved Steven Soderbergh’s brilliant Ocean’s trilogy then you definitely shouldn’t miss this all-female spin-off aptly named Ocean’s 8. Oscar winner Sandra Bullock plays the role of Debbie Ocean who is the sister of Danny Ocean (Geroge Clooney) and has freshly gotten out of the prison. She immediately sets off on a journey to assemble a group of like-minded women with special skills in order to pull off a heist. The film also features Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter. Ocean’s 8 is directed by Gary Ross who has previously helmed projects like Pleasantville and The Hunger Games.

The Incredibles 2 – June 15


After 14 years since The Incredibles opened in theaters, Pixar is finally giving the fans its much-awaited sequel. The Incredibles 2 is going to pick up right after the events of the first movie and director Brad Bird has already brought on the original cast of Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner and Samuel L. Jackson on board to lend their voices. This time the focus will be on The Elastagirl (Helen) as she sets out to fight crime while Mr. Incredible stays at home to take care of the kids. The family is still unaware of the powers of baby Jack-Jack and when a new villain threatens to destroy everything with a brilliant plan, the family must fight this new threat with the help of Frozone to restore order and peace. 

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – June 22


Just when everyone thought that the Jurassic Park franchise ended with 2001’s abysmal Jurassic Park III, 2015’s Jurassic World proved them wrong. The movie made a massive $1.672 billion at the worldwide box office and naturally, it got a sequel. Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) will be returning to the Isla Nublar once again in order to evacuate some of the dinosaurs as the island is going to get engulfed in massive volcanic eruptionsJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will also mark the return of actor Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm and the cast is going to work under a new director J.A. Bayona (A Monster Calls) for this one. 

Ant-Man and the Wasp – July 6


Actors Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are Ant-Man and the Wasp and bringing their adventure to big screens on July 6. Marvel took a bit of a gamble with Paul Rudd back in 2015 when he first became the Antman and it paid off big time as the actor brought his certain comedic flavor which complimented his brand of superhero. The sequel will also bring back Michael Douglas as Doctor Hank Pymm and he’ll be joined by Michelle Pfeiffer who’ll be playing the role of his wife Janet Van Dyne, the original wasp. Antman and the Wasp movie is going to be Marvel’s first romantic comedy and will also feature Michael Peña, Bobby Cannavale, Walton Goggins, Judy Greer, David Dastmalchian, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Hannah John Kamen, Randall Park, Abby Ryder-Fortson and Laurence Fishburne

Mission: Impossible – Fallout – July 27


Despite suffering a serious ankle injury back in August, Mission Impossible: Fallout is well on track to open on July 27. This will be Tom Cruise’s 6th movie as an international Spy and he’ll be tieing an interesting record with the legendary Sean Connery who played the role of James Bond. If you loved his jaw-dropping stunts in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation, then you are going to love what Cruise has in store for this installment. In an interview, Cruise mentioned that he will perform the biggest stunt of his life in Mission Impossible: Fallout. Not that the movie needs any selling point but now you have all the more reason to show up at your nearest cinema on July 27. MI 6 is going to feature several familiar faces including Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Fergusson, the returning Michelle Monaghan as well as introduce Angela Basset and Henry Cavill to the juggernaut franchise. Alec Baldwin will make his return as well but Jeremy Renner won’t be coming back for Mission Impossible: Fallout due to his Avengers 4 production commitments. 

The Predator – August 3


Talented Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) is directing The Predator so you can definitely get excited about this one. Black also co-wrote the movie with Fred Dekker (Monster Squad) so we can expect this film is going to revive this dying franchise. In case you are wondering, The Predator is going to acknowledge the events of the original movie and won’t serve as a complete reboot. There are no official details available as of yet but this movie is set in the suburbs and will pit a group of hardcore military veterans against the alien hunter. Currently, the movie is being made under the banner of Fox studios and it may very well be the last movie in this franchise due to Disney’s purchase of the studio so don’t forget to check out this one on August 3. 

The Equalizer 2 – August 10


Believe it or not, this is the first time legendary Denzel Washington is going to appear in a sequel. The first movie came in 2014 which was based on an 80s TV show and made an impressive $192.3 million on a budget of $73 million. Director Antoine Fuqua is returning again for this project and this one promises to be even better & grittier than the first one. Besides the returning, Denzel Washington, Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman, we’ll see some new faces like Pedro Pascal (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Jonathan Scarfe (Van Helsing, Hell on Wheels) and Ashton Sanders (Moonlight) as well. Judging by the great work the duo of Fuqua/Washington has produced over the years (Training Day, Magnificent Seven), The Equalizer 2 could very well become the summer 2018 blockbuster. 

The Nun – September 7


With an updated release date, The Nun is going to be the latest entry to the successfully expanding Conjuring verse and will feature Bonnie Aarons in the titular role. The movie was originally slated to come out on July 13 but now the studio has changed the release date to September 7 so The Nun doesnt have to face a stiff competition at the box office in a packed summer season. The film is directed by Corin Hardy and co-written by Gary Dauberman (IT, Annabelle: Creation) and James Wan. According to the official synopsis of the movie, when the Vatican receives the news of the suicide of a young nun in Romania, they send officials to investigate the matter further. However, the officials soon find themselves in a fight of their lives when they face a massively powerful demonic force who has taken the form of a nun. 

Robin Hood: Origins – September 21


Get ready to see the legend of Robin Hood like you have never seen before. Director Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders) promises to bring a gritty origin story of this legendary character. Kingsman star Taron Egerton is set to portray the titular role and he’ll be supported by the Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (Little John), Jamie Dornan (Will Scarlett), Eve Hewson (Maid Marian) and Ben Mendelsohn who will portray the role of Robin’s arch nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham. According to an interview Taron gave late year: “Otto told me he wanted to do something entirely revisionist, something that can’t be tied down to a medieval universe. The first act of the movie, these scenes crusading in Syria, were written like something from The Hurt Locker.” Robin Hood: Origins is all set to hit theaters on September 21, 2018. 

Venom – October 5


Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock aka Venom in this Spiderman spin-off currently in works by Sony Pictures. Director Ruben Fleischer is helming this project who has previously worked on movies like Gangster Squad and Zombieland. Sony is keeping the symbiote looks of Tom Hardy’s Venom tightly under the wraps as the production team is designing the creature through performance-capture technology. For our comic book fans out there, director Fleischer is drawing his inspiration from two Venom comic book series Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes. In the former, Venom moves to San Francisco and comes face to face with five new offspring of the alien symbiotes – whereas, in the later series, Venom has to fight an invading army of symbiotes that is trying to take over the Earth. Actors, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate and four-time Oscar-nominated Michelle Williams will be joining Tom Hardy in this action-packed adaptation of Venom. 

Halloween – October 19


She’s back folks. Jamie Lee Curtis will make her return as Laurie Strode in the upcoming Halloween reboot movie for one final confrontation with the masked slasher Michael Myers. Halloween fans know that Curtis’ character was abruptly killed in Halloween: Resurrection back in 2002 but director David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween movie is going to tell a very different story. Actors Scout Taylor-Compton, Briana Evigan (Step Up All In) and Judy Greer (Jurassic World) will be joining Jamie Lee Curtis in this final and hopefully epic showdown

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – November 2


X-Men are on a mission in outer space when a solar flare hits the X-Jet carrying the super psychic Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). Its massive energy awakens a dark and malevolent power within her so powerful that even the strongest mutants like Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) can’t counter. This is probably the last adventure of Fox’s version of mutants before Disney decides to possibly reboot the franchise under its Marvel umbrella. So make sure you don’t miss this one for old time’s sake. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will bring back James McAvoy (Professor X), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), Alexandra Shipp (Storm), Nicholas Hoult (Beast) and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. The talented Jessica Chastain (The Martian, Interstellar) will also be joining the cast as an unnamed villainess but there are rumors that she’ll portray the role of Shi’ar Empress LilandraX-Men: Dark Phoenix will open across the US on November 2, 2018. 

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – November 16


Harry Potter spin-off series, Fantastic Beasts started off impressively in 2016 and earned a whopping $812.5 million worldwide. Now, fans will get to see Eddie Redmayne‘s Newt Scamander once again in the second installment of 5 new adventures battling a dark wizard named Grindelwald played by Johnny Depp and this time he’ll be assisted by a young Professor Dumbledore played by Jude Law. Director David Yates will be returning once again to helm this project and just like the first one, he’ll be working with a screenplay written by J.K Rowling herself. Newt will be joined by some old and new characters in his quest as revealed in the official synopsis of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, hitting theaters on November 16. 

Creed 2 – November 22


Creed 2 is undoubtedly one of the most-anticipated movies of 2018 and is a direct sequel to 2015s very successful, Creed which made an impressive $173.6 million on a modest budget of $35 million. With the recent casting of Romanian boxer Florian Munteanu as Ivan Drago’s (Dolph Lundgren) son, Creed 2 has all the makings of a Grudge match movie featuring a bloody bout between the sons of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). Creed 2 is written by Sylvester Stallone himself and at one point he was also set to direct the movie in the absence of Ryan Coogler who directed Creed. However, MGM and Stallone handpicked Steven Caple Jr. (A Different Tree, The Land) in September. Dolph Lundgren is also getting in shape for his return after Stallone teased on social media that he’ll be throwing “at least one punch in his direction.” Creed 2 will make its way to theaters on Thanksgiving day, November 22. 

Aquaman – December 21


DC Entertainment’s only superhero entry this year is Aquaman starring Jason Momoa in the titular role. Momoa first appeared as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but got significant screen time in last year’s unexpected box office miss, Justice League. Furious 7 director James Wan is in charge of this one so be prepared for a fast-paced action thriller as Momoa’s Aquaman deals with his stepbrother and film’s main antagonist, Orm played by Patrick Wilson. Rest of the cast includes Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, Amber Heard as Mera and Oscar Winner Nicole Kidman as the Queen Atlanna. Catch Aquaman on December 21. 

Bumblebee – December 21


Transformers spin-off Bumblebee: The Movie is set in the 80s and based on the iconic Autobot character, Bumblebee who takes refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. A young girl named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) stumbles upon a worn out Bumblebee disguised as a busted Volkswaggon and soon after reviving him, Charlie realizes that her world is not going to be the same anymore. Oscar winner Travis Knight is directing this movie which is being made on a budget of $128 million. WWE star John Cena is headlining the cast and he’ll be joined by Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Spiderman: Homecoming), Stephen Schneider (Broad City), Jason Drucker (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul) Abby Quinn (LandlineThe Sisterhood of the Knight), Ricardo Hoyos (Degrassi: The Next Class), Rachel Crow (Deidra and Laney Rob a Train), and Grace Dzienny (Zoo). 

So which movie are you most excited about this year? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more and latest Hollywood news. 





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