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Walking Dead’s Simon Wants To Play Joker In Martin Scorsese’s Joker Origin Movie

This week has been a crazy one for the DC fans. First, it was the unexpected yet pleasant announcement of the Joker origin movie in works with the legendary Martin Scorsese as its producer and Todd Phillips (The Hangover) as the director. Then it was the shocking rumor of cutting out the entire footage of Lex Luthor and Darkseid from the upcoming Justice League movie. Now, The Walking Dead star Steven Ogg has expressed his wish of playing the clown prince of crime in Scorsese’s Joker origin movie. If you are wondering, Jared Leto is NOT going to play the Joker in the origin movie as this film is going to be made under an unnamed and different production banner which won’t be connected to the DCEU. In simple words, the DC spin off movies under this new production banner will have different timelines and different actors can play the iconic comic characters. 

Steven ogg Joker

Knowing that fact, Walking Dead’s Steven Ogg decided to put forward his name for the role of Joker while speaking to Cinema Blend. Ogg was having a discussion with Cinema Blend on the occasion of The Walking Dead Season 7 Blu-ray/DVD release. When they asked the actor if he would like to play the role, this is what he said: 

“It’d be fun. I mean, it seems to screw everyone up, whoever does it. They end up going a bit crazy, except if you look at Nicholson’s Joker. But what I was reading, and I’d love to do it, is the younger, like ‘how The Joker became The Joker’ is what they’re working on. So I’d assume it would be a younger person. But that type of character, there certainly would be a lot of interesting things to explore with him. I would love to do my own different take on it, on him. So yeah, if you’re offering it to me, I’ll take it.

Steven ogg Joker

Apart from playing the role of Simon, the right-hand man to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in The Walking Dead, he’s widely known as Trevor Phillips, the twisted and unstable main character in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto VWhich means he has the required level of ‘Crazy’ needed to take on the role of the psychopathic clown prince in the Joker origin movie. Jared Leto who received mixed reviews for portraying the Joker in Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad is going to reprise the role in the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 & the recently announced Joker and Harley Quinn movie

Steven ogg Joker

After Heath Ledger’s monumental performance in The Dark Knight, It’s hard to imagine anyone portraying the Joker to perfection but who knows Steven Ogg might just pull it off. Stay tuned for more and latest Hollywood news.

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