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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Terminator 6 Will Simplify The Franchise


The Terminator franchise has always enjoyed financial success over the years but its popularity graph has been in a constant nosedive right after Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Terminator: Genisys was supposed to launch a new trilogy of Terminator movies but its poor reviews and performance at the box office actually forced Skydance Productions to scrap the idea. …

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Channing Tatum’s Gambit Is FINALLY Happening – Gets A New 2019 Release Date


After getting delayed years after years, it looks like 20th Century Fox has finally decided to take a chance with Gambit. Channing Tatum who has been associated with the project since 2014 to play the titular character of Remy LeBeau/Gambit, will be quiet happy now since his superhero movie has finally landed an official …

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R-Rated Spawn Reboot Will Start Filming February 2018


FINALLY, an R-rated Spawn reboot project is moving ahead and according to director Todd McFarlane, the production is scheduled to begin in February next year. McFarlane penned a deal with Blumhouse Productions this summer and will be making his directorial debut by directing his beloved Spawn. McFarlane announced at the New York Comic Con that he’ll …

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Terminator 6 Gets Deadpool Director Tim Miller – James Cameron To Produce

Terminator 6 Gets Deadpool director

Just last month, Terminator fans got the exciting news that James Cameron is finally coming on board to team up with action mega star Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator 6. However, Cameron’s role wasn’t clear since he already has his hands full until 2025 with a string of Avatar movies. With this new report, it’s …

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Deadpool & Cable Set To Lead The R-Rated X-Men Spin off, X-Force Movie

X Force Deadpool & Cable VHN

While all of us are waiting anxiously for Deadpool 2, we have just received an exciting news. Deadline just reported that Fox approached Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard to write & direct the X-Men spin-off movie, X-Force. Furthermore, the X-Force movie is going to be R-rated and the characters of Deadpool and Cable are set to lead a team of …

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Deadpool Star Ed Skrein Leaves Hellboy Reboot Over Whitewash Controversy

Ed Skrein Exits Hellboy VHN

Hellboy reboot was shaping up to be an awesome movie. Actors like Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) and Ian McShane joined the cast in prominent roles just a few weeks ago. Deadpool star Ed Skrein was recently announced to have joined the Helloboy reboot just last week as Major Ben Daimio. However, his casting for the …

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Ryan Reynolds Wants R-Rated Deadpool/Avengers Crossover

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently gave an interview to talk about his latest movie with Samuel L. Jackson The Hitman’s Bodyguard. In the same interview, he got the chance to talk about Wade Wilson as well. Reynolds seemed excited to talk about a Deadpool & Avengers R-rated crossover and we believe if there is anyone who can …

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