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Stephen King’s IT Trailer Brings A Scary & Terrifying Pennywise

Stephen King’s classic novel adaptation is finally coming to the screens and the latest trailer just got us more excited. The movie is set to hit theaters on September 8, 2017, and the full-length trailer confirms that it’s going to be as terrifying as the book, and we mean it in a good way. IT is one of the most anticipated movies of the late 2017 and the big crowd in attendance confirmed exactly that in the recent San Diego Comic Con. New Line Cinema has done a seriously good job with this R-rated horror movie and we are sure that Stephen King will be proud. New Line Cinema is so confident that the movie will do great that they are planning to start filming the sequel, IT 2 early next year with the same director, Andres Muschietti. 

IT Plot

If you have already read the novel, then you already know that IT is about a group of young kids who are the members of the “Loser’s Club”. Embark on a quest to find out about the missing children in their hometown Derry, Maine and get to face their worst fears. Pennywise, the demon clown first meets a young boy named Georgie and all hell breaks loose. Bill Skarsgard plays the role of the centuries old terrifying demon clown and the trailer shows us that he was just the right guy for the job. The rest of the cast is fairly new but another notable name is Finn Wolfhard who is best known for playing Mike Wheeler in Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things

Tim Curry did an awesome job playing Pennywise in the 1990s mini-series but Bill Skarsgard threw it out of the park judging by the trailer. Check it out for yourself below and stay tuned for more and latest Hollywood news. 


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