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Leonardo DiCaprio Being Eyed To Play Joker In Scorsese’s Joker Origin Movie

Well, if you thought the news of Martin Scorsese producing the recently announced Joker Origin movie was a shocker – wait till you check this out. After getting the legendary filmmaker on board, Warner Bros. is on fire and looks like won’t stop until they believe they’ve got the best people in the business to work on the Joker Origin movie. It’s to be noted that this spin-off is going to be made under a separate production banner which is not going to be a part of the current DCEU. Director Todd Phillips (The Hangover) is all set to direct the movie and new reports have emerged that Warner Bros. is eyeing Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio to play the clown prince of crime. They are especially confident that DiCaprio will join the project as his mentor & friend Martin Scorsese is going to produce the movie. The news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter and further reveals that Leonardo DiCaprio is Warner Bros. number 1 choice for the role at the moment. 

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The studio wants to tie up big names to the Joker Origin Movie in order to create a spin-off franchise similar to Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy – in terms of success. The report further mentions that Warner Bros. is planning to create a dark & gritty Joker Origin movie with Hollywood A-listers and won’t settle for the second best since this project will launch their new and as of yet unnamed production brand. The legendary director & producer Martin Scorsese is not officially attached to the Joker Origin movie yet when he does, he’ll mostly be involved with the production, in other words, Scorses will be providing creative advice but won’t actually direct Leo himself as he has done in the past. THR sources further claim that bringing Martin Scorsese on board was part of the plan in order to get Leonardo DiCaprio to sign on but since Scorsese won’t be directly working with Leo due to director Todd Phillips, the chances of Leo joining the project are “slim to none.”

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Warner Bros. already has an A-lister Jared Leto who portrayed the iconic character in Suicide Squad and they are sticking with him for Suicide Squad 2 & Joker and Harley Quinn spin-off movie. However, when the news of a new Joker Origin movie got out, several actors decided to bid their names for the role. The chances of Leonardo DiCaprio coming on board to play Joker may be slim but it is highly possible since Joker Origin is a spin-off movie under a new production banner. Currently, nothing is official and the idea of Scorsese-DiCaprio-Phillips teaming up together for the Joker Origin movie seems too good to be true. Stay tuned for more and latest Hollywood news. 


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  1. Honestly, I think this is what DC should focus on. Do Good Movies. They are trying so hard for a universe of movies, but they don’t have the plan in place to make that happen in a way that will make it make sense. Instead, don’t worry about connecting (so keep doing what you’re doing DC) and just get good directors and good actors to do one-off movies.

    Boom. Solved it.

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