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John Wick 3 Working Title Revealed – Production Starts Soon

When the first John Wick movie screened in theaters back in 2014, no one expected it to become such a massive hit. The movie went on to make $88.7 million on a budget of $20 million. Naturally, they decided to go for a sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2, which proved to be an even bigger hit by grossing out an amazing $170 million on a $40 million budget. Soon after that, director Chad Stahelski made the announcement that John Wick 3 is definitely going to happen and now it looks like the third and final installment of the incredibly popular John Wick series is steadily progressing towards the production and casting phase. According to a new report, Alpha Cop is the working title being used for John Wick 3 and the process of casting is going to start very soon. We reported earlier that the movie has already entered its pre-production phase under the supervision of director Chad Stahelski with production designer Kevin Kavanaugh who has previously worked on blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises and John Wick: Chapter 2. Currently, John Wick 3 aka Alpha Cop is scheduled to release on May 19th, 2019 and Keanu Reeves has some pretty big plans for this one. 


The studio has not officially released production start dates but judging by how John Wick: Chapter 2 ended, it’s being assumed that the filming of John Wick 3 will start in New York City sometime in spring or the early summer at the latest. Keanu Reeves has mentioned on several occasions that John Wick 3 is going to be bigger and better than its predecessors in many ways and may take the fleeing assassin to several international locations including Tokyo and Jerusalem. However, these are not the official plans just only what Reeves has spoken about what he would like to see in John Wick 3. 


So what can you expect in John Wick 3 aka Alpha Cop? Well, apart from the usual high-octane action, director Chad Stahelski mentioned that this final chapter will delve deeper into the ruthless assassin’s past and also shed some light on some of the most powerful people of the “High Table” and how the mysterious organization works. Apart from that, both the director and the star are keeping things under the wraps. John Wick 3 aka Alpha Cop is set to release on May 19th, 2019, and the script is still in the works. We’ll make sure to bring you the official production start date and casting news very soon. Till then, stay tuned for more and latest Hollywood news. 


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