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IT Wins BIG At Box Office With A Record Breaking $117.1 Million Opening Weekend

We reported earlier that Stephen King’s highly-anticipated horror classic IT will have no problem in making $60 million at the box office on its opening weekend. However, IT ended up making much more than that and even set a new September box office opening weekend record by beating the previous record holder movie Hotel Transylvania 2 which set the record back in 2015 by making $48.5 million. IT‘s $117.1 million earnings are more than double the amount the previous record holder made. According to the box office round up report released by Box Office Mojo, IT was made on a budget of $35 million and already made 3 times more money on its opening weekend, making the movie a massive hit. IT was screened in 4,103 theaters and earned a whopping $28,552 per-screen average. IT is not just doing well in America, it’s also racking up some serious cash overseas as well. With IT’s $62 million opening weekend in the overseas, the grand total comes to a formidable $179.1 million. Still, IT fell a bit short in breaking Deadpool’s opening record of mind-boggling $132.4 million which was another R-rated event. 

IT Wins At Box Office VHN

This impressive debut of IT is even more special as it comes after a horrible summer season of August. The last time we witnessed a summer season that bad was back in 2006, about 11 years ago. Kudos to director Andrés Muschietti who turned Stephen King’s beloved horror masterpiece into a massive box office success. Also, according to the first reviews of the movie, Bill Skarsgard who plays the demonic clown Pennywise also did a great job in bringing the character to life along with the rest of the cast members that make up The Losers Club. In terms of making money at the box office, below is the current standing: 

1. IT ($117.1 Million)

2. Home Again ($9 million)

3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard ($4.8 million)

4. Annabelle: Creation ($4 million)

5. Wind River ($3.2 million) 

6. Leap! ($2.5 million)

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming ($2 million)

8. Dunkirk ($1.9 million)

9. Logan Lucky ($1.8 million)

10. The Emoji Movie ($1 million)

IT Wins At Box Office VHN

In case you haven’t seen this horror-thriller yet, make sure to see it this weekend. However, IT will face some stiff competition in the form of Darren Aronofsky & Paramount’s mother! (Jennifer Lawrence) plus the action packed movie by Lionsgate, American Assassin (Dylan O’Brien). Stay tuned for more and latest Hollywood news. 

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