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Die Hard 6 Still Happening With Bruce Willis And A Young John McClane

Yes, we know that Bruce Willis IS John McClane but Die Hard 6 is going to be a bit different than its predecessors. The last Die Hard movie, A Good Day to Die Hard came out in 2013 and was slammed by critics and fans alike. It seemed like another hit 90s action franchise has finally gone down for good but it looks like director Len Wiseman wants to give it one last shot. Len announced a while ago that he intends to make Die Hard 6 which will be both a prequel and sequel. Sounds confusing but none the less, interesting. Wiseman plans to feature a young John McClane from the 70s in Die Hard 6 and the movie will deal with the past and present timelines simultaneously with Bruce Willis portraying the John McClane of the present. The famous director recently spoke with Deadline and revealed that he has been working on Die Hard 6 for quite some time and Bruce Willis is already on board to feature in this prequel/sequel version of the movie.


Both Bruce Willis and Len Wiseman are taking the casting of the new and pre-Die Hard version of John McClane very seriously. Wiseman mentioned that: 

“The right casting for this role is crucial. Those bare feet have some very big shoes to fill.”

The Die Hard franchise is built around Bruce Willis’ iconic John McClane and he’s been in all 5 movies. The first Die Hard movie came out in 1988 and gave birth to this superhit action franchise. Fans saw an ordinary cop turning into a hero and it looks like Die Hard 6 will show fans the early days of John McClane when he was just a regular cop and how he made his transition into the John McClane of today.


In the digital age of CGI, Len could have just opted to de-age Bruce Willis but has decided to cast a new and young actor instead to take on the iconic role. Currently, there is no news which actor is being eyed to play the role but whoever he may be, he’ll have to fill up some mighty big shoes. Let us know who would you like to see as the young John McClane and stay tuned for more and latest Hollywood news. 


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