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Walking Dead’s Simon Wants To Play Joker In Martin Scorsese’s Joker Origin Movie

Steven ogg Joker

This week has been a crazy one for the DC fans. First, it was the unexpected yet pleasant announcement of the Joker origin movie in works with the legendary Martin Scorsese as its producer and Todd Phillips (The Hangover) as the director. Then it was the shocking rumor of cutting out the entire footage …

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John Cena & Kevin Hart May Team Up For The Knight Rider Reboot

John Cena Kevin Hart Knight Rider VHN

Earlier this month we reported that David Hasselhoff and Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 director, James Gunn are in talks to discuss a Knight Rider reboot. Hasselhoff was too tight lipped about his plans and did not give much to the media. Now, there are reports that a Knight Rider reboot may happen with …

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Ryan Reynolds Wants R-Rated Deadpool/Avengers Crossover

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently gave an interview to talk about his latest movie with Samuel L. Jackson The Hitman’s Bodyguard. In the same interview, he got the chance to talk about Wade Wilson as well. Reynolds seemed excited to talk about a Deadpool & Avengers R-rated crossover and we believe if there is anyone who can …

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Brie Larson Wants Hulk VS Captain Marvel Battle In Captain Marvel Movie

Oscar winner Brie Larson is Marvel’s newest super hero and probably the strongest. Even stronger than the green goliath Hulk. Marvel’s Kevin Feige mentioned in an interview he gave last October that Captain Marvel’s powers are “Off the charts”.Comic fans know that while Carol Danvers may look puny in front …

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Avengers Infinity War Will Change The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe – Anthony & Joe Russo

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo revealed at the San Diego Comic Con recently that Avengers Infinity War wrapped production. Both directors also presented a footage for the lucky fans present at the Comic-Con and D23 Expo. That footage still hasn’t been made public. While we are waiting for that footage, director …

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Famous Actor & Playwright Sam Shepard Dead At 73

Talented and beloved actor, Pulitzer Prize winner, director, and producer Samuel Shepard Rogers III, better known as Sam Shepard died in his home on July 27. According to the family’s spokesman, the actor passed away peacefully in his Kentucky home last Thursday. The cause of death is ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) …

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